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How to create a Read Only folder while syncing across linked devices?

With My Devices feature, all folders added on one device are automatically synced to other linked devices with Owner permission. If you’d like to create a Read Only folder on any of your linked devices - whether it be a desktop or mobile device (Android only) - you’ll need to use a Standard folder with a Read Only key. To do so, please follow the steps below.
Computer 1:

1. Add a Standard folder (click here for detail).
2. Copy the Read Only Key and and pass it to Computer 2 (the one which will store the Read-Only folder)

Computer 2:

3. Disconnect the Standard folder, if it already got connected. If it's disconnected (dotted) skip this step. 
4. Open manual connection box:
...and paste the Read Only key into it:

5. Manually locate and select the classic folder in your file system:

6. Click 'Open'.
7. If the folder is not empty, on the confirmation box click 'OK':

Now the classic folder on Computer 2 should acquire a Read Only key.
Desktop computer:
1. Create a Standard folder
2. Copy the Read Only Key and and pass it to your Android device.
Android device:
1. Press the "+" button and select "Enter Key".
2. Enter the key and pick the folder path, tap on V to confirm 
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